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Is Identity Politics Always Bad?

Update from Cultivate Commune: The Roles of Fathers and Mothers in Parenting

Our first Cultivate Commune – a breakfast conversation where we explore how big ideas are planted in real community experiences - kicked off on Friday, 12 April 2024. We saw two stay-home fathers anchoring an insightful discussion over various topics centred around parenting and children.

Prime Minister-in-waiting Lawrence Wong: What Challenges Lie Ahead?

Lawrence Wong will take over as Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister on 15 May. Some of his immediate challenges include the rising cost of living, falling total fertility rate, and threats posed by divisive identity politics and tribalism. Will he be able to rally the support of society to tackle them?

Can We Afford (More) Divorces?

Divorces have many social costs, and this affects the economy and taxpayers. Are we prepared to do more to save marriages, for the sake of the next generation?

Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines: Game-changer, or not?

The new Tripartite Guidelines on Flexible Work Arrangement Requests tip the scale in the balance between work and caregiving responsibilities. But to maximise their effect, both employees and employers should exercise responsibility and mutual understanding, and a wider cultural change is still needed.

The CHIJMES We Didn’t Know

CHIJMES is a popular spot for food and drinks at the City Hall area. But did you know that this was once a place where a group of nuns gave hope, life and love to some of the most vulnerable?