About us,
our values & our work

We are a community who wants to see families and our society thrive for generations. We call this social sustainability. This looks like individual rights and responsibilities, stable marriages, strong families, a cultural climate that supports personal and family growth, and social harmony.

We are committed to research, education, and dialogue on these issues to build up other people, families, and communities who share our heart.

Our mission and vision

Cultivating culture together,
for the common good

Our core values


An important social


The natural and fundamental
group unit of society


Children need protection

Social Harmony

Cohesion amidst differing viewpoints and identities

Our work

Growing the good,
one conversation at a time


We study and examine the things that matter


We share what we have learnt with others


We connect with other individuals and organizations


We enter into discussion with others to exchange ideas

Cultivate is an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to growing the good, one conversation at a time.

In the midst of growing diversity in values and beliefs and risk of polarisation, Cultivate seeks a shared common ground rooted in our core values as a nation.

To strengthen the moral ecology and cultural climate, we aim to promote a sound balance of rights and responsibilities in society so that we can thrive together for generations.

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