Social Media: “Burn” Someone, or Light the Way?

Imagine that you have a flaming torch in your hand. The fire at the end of the torch emits both heat and light. You can use this torch to set fire and burn someone or something, or you can use it to light a path in the darkness.

Can We Afford (More) Divorces?

Divorces have many social costs, and this affects the economy and taxpayers. Are we prepared to do more to save marriages, for the sake of the next generation?

Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines: Game-changer, or not?

The new Tripartite Guidelines on Flexible Work Arrangement Requests tip the scale in the balance between work and caregiving responsibilities. But to maximise their effect, both employees and employers should exercise responsibility and mutual understanding, and a wider cultural change is still needed.

Words make conversation

Words make conversation, and clarity breeds communication. We can grow the good, one conversation at a time because interpersonal dialogue humanises us.